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flag Norway - Full Moon 62 - 11/01/01

2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight 8
Big Dipper Records

There have been several delays, a change in the crew and severe security checks, but finally Flight 8 is ready for departure. The take-off is smooth and quiet, a fade-in. And then She Was To Be Someone is there in all its glory. A little revelation of swirling organ and guitars and melancholic melody lines that John Lennon certainly will nod approving to, wherever he roams these days. This flight is certainly, eh...flying. The song fades out with Bingo's hoarse Zimmerman-alike voice accompanied by a banjo! Astroburger still manages to surprise.

Flipping the disc to The Pavilion and something completely different. A short rocker somewhere in between pub and diet punk. A somewhat crude recording that doesn't seem to lead very far. Anyway, She Was To Be Someone still make the single well worth the wait, a splendid first half of the flight!

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