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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 60 - 09/02/01

2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Seven
Big Dipper Records

Finally Flight Seven is ready for departure, though by now Flight Eight has been delayed.

As The Fury Turns To Grace is a strolling everyday Astroburger song pushed forward by the Farfisa organ and merry backing vocals. The highlight is a bent solo, probably a guitar one with funny effects. Though why Goodnight Irene is involved is a mystery to me. On the other side Urban Guerilla starts with a tough guitar riff, made me wonder if Keith Richards was involved. In fact it's a cover version of an old song by Hawkwind from the days when Lemmy was a member of the band. Apart from the opening seconds, it's not very impressive. Astroburger do not master the art of classic heavy metal, the beat, vocals and production sounds amateurish with clay feet. Flight Eight where are you?

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