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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 53 - 02/08/01

2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight One
Big Dipper Records

As mentioned by the manager in last moon's overview of the Norwegian music scene of 2000, Astroburger has started releasing a series of 7" singles - one each month throughout 2001. We'll try to catch up with one single each moon from now on.

The band has been the best ambassadors of garage-pop in Norway since the late 80s. I was baffled on first hearing the opener Popdown. In spite of the name, this is probably as close to garage-rock as Astroburger will ever get. The guitars are heavier than on ye average Astroburger song. The beat and dynamics are great; the band kicks ass! They calm down with Always A Route Through The Galaxies Of My Mind and Rescue. The former is closer to the Astroburger roots, almost in the singer songwriter tradition with acoustic sounding guitars and a sweet little melancholic chorus. Rescue is the experimental instrumental of the single, with guitars and keyboards all over the place and an annoying rhythm box. Flight One gives great expectations for the remainder of the year of the revitalised single: 2001!

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