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Our full moon menus consist of musical dishes from many corners of the world, composed by our world wide web of contributors. A last menu was presented on the full moon night of January 12th 2017, and we're now on permanent vacation. However, every now and then we'll launch some spontaneous, impromptu, improvised or ad hoc articles. Foggy notions, whimsical moves, etc. Watch this space!

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"Just because someone is writing about music doesn't mean they have any real intelligence." (Nick Cave)

L u n a   K a f é   H Q   J u k e b o x   A p r i l   2024

  Man by the Jukebox, 1959 Dave Heath
    [J u b i l e e s : reappearances, recurring & reoccurring moments]
  • Happy 50th Anniversary to Meet The Residents by The Residents, Secret Treaties by Blue Öyster Cult, I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight by Richard and Linda Thompson, Caravan And The New Symphonia by Caravan, Son Of Dracula by Harry Nilsson, Sweet Fanny Adams by Sweet, Exotic Birds And Fruit by Procol Harum, Hamburger Concerto by Focus, Midnight Mushrumps by Gryphon and Unconditionally Guaranteed by Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band.
  • Happy 40th Anniversary to Reckoning by R.E.M., A Walk Across the Rooftops by The Blue Nile, The Top by The Cure, The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking, the first solo album by Roger Waters, New Sensations by Lou Reed, the EP The Spangle Maker by Cocteau Twins and the singles Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops/Pepper-Tree also by Cocteau Twins, Silver/Angels And Devils by Echo & The Bunnymen and Thieves Like Us/Lonesome Tonight by New Order.
  • Happy 30th Anniversary to Parklife by Blur, Let Love In by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds, His 'n' Hers by Pulp, And She Closed Her Eyes by Stina Nordenstam, Live Through This by Hole, American Recordings by Johny Cash, Last Day On Earth by John Cale and Bob Neuwirth and the debut single Supersonic b/w Take Me Away, I Will Believe (live) and Columbia (demo) by Oasis.
  • Happy 25th Anniversary to Mule Variations by Tom Waits, the two albums Snuffbox Immanence and Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet by Japanese Ghost, Propaganda, an album of early recordings by The Sound, released on the very same day as The Sound leader Adrian Borland committed suicide, and the single Easter Theatre/Easter Theatre (home demo) by XTC.
  • Happy 20th Anniversary to Trampin' by Patti Smith, Mnemosyne by Jan Garbarek and the Hilliard Ensemble and the EPs Indestructible Object by They Might Be Giants, Convict Pool by Calexico and Stone Age Complication by Queens Of The Stone Age.
[Photo above by Dave Heath, from Street Seen: The Psychological Gesture in American Photography, 1940-1959. The Jukebox lists are also published at our LunaKafeHQ on Facebook.]
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