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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 54 - 03/09/01

2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Two
Big Dipper Records

Here's three more goodies from Astroburger's cornucopia - and behold, it's even better than Flight One!

Side A is occupied by (Sometimes It's Alright To Be) Low, a mid-tempo garage-pop song with lots of guitars, some even heavy, and organ. It has probably very little to do with our favourite Minnesota trio. There are enough changes and hooks here to keep everyone happy. Stars Burning Out is happier, cleaner with less distorted guitars and harmony vocals not quite fitting the Beach Boys standard, but who cares. The Mess You Left Behind is the experimental track, a sort of dub version of an earlier song, perhaps. With effect-drenched vocals at half speed and percussion up front. Sad and fascinating. Hungry for more!

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