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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 57 - 06/06/01

2001 A Pop Odyssey, Flight Five
Big Dipper Records

By now we can confirm that there really was a cock-up with titles of Astroburger's third and fourth flight as suspected last moon. The labels of the two singles had been switched. The review of Flight Three thus applies to Flight Four and vice versa.

With Flight Five we're back on the track. All Night Long is a traditional rocker that reminds me of some early 70s song by Rod Stewart or The Faces or something. The piano of the chorus really is of the boogie kind (though not woogie, fortunately). There's even a couple of guitar solos and the vocals seem even nicer out of tune than usually. The song might indicate some hanky-panky lyrics, but no, they're of the Norwegian kind: "All night long/I sit and watch the snow." No less! Schwarzwald on the flip side is probably the strangest tune so far. It's a mixture of Smurf piano, a diabolical organ, kindergarten experimentation with strange sounds, German voices and several species of small furry animals that are gathered together in a cave and groove with a pict, if you know what I mean. It's fun, especially for those who recorded it, I guess. Probably not my favourite track in the long run. There's a sneaking suspicion coming up that Astroburger might be running out of good ideas at the moment.

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