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flag Mare Smythii
Capital: Craterion 1
Population: 4,434,685,344
Bird: Great Lunar Eagle
Flower: Cyan Rose
Motto: Eastern Terminator
Nickname: Smyth's Sea
Tree: Violet Pine
Source: 500 Alian States & Capitals
CourseFull Moon
1997 Flashback - Pingo Picks To Play 01/12/98
1998 - the ups, the downs and the dunno's 01/02/99
1998 spelled: Mementos fresh! 01/31/99
A 100 Moons! 11/26/04
Ambarchi / O'Malley / Dunn: Shade Themes from Kairos 06/13/14
An open letter to Justin Timberlake: by Matthew DeMello 07/11/06
Been Busy Burning 07/13/03
Best Best 01/07/04
Best of 2007: Tim's musical playground 12/24/07
Bob Dylan: Blonde On Blonde 03/15/06
Brian Eno & David Byrne: My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 02/18/11
Brian's best of 2004 thingy 12/26/04
Christmas Eve: a snack before Santa Pop comes knocking 12/24/07
DJ Schmeejay In The House 11/20/02
Deconstruction 2003: Ijssellhal, Zwolle, NL, 04.06.03 06/14/03
Devics + Mew: from Mateo's playlist 08/09/06
Dollar 'Prince' Bill says hello, goodbye to 05: Riverbanks records 01/14/06
Garage Nation (by Timothy Gassen) 04/22/97
Glam Will Save The World 04/16/03
Håvard's hit hut: Favourite records of the year... 12/15/05
If death did not befriend him: Gram Parsons' 60th 11/05/06
Involved: Machiavella 09/09/14
King of Chocolate: Wonka bars 10/18/05
Labfield: Bucket of Songs 03/05/15
Lost In Translation: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack 03/06/04
Low + Susanna and the Magical Orchestra: Play Joy Division... 08/09/06
Malfinia Ensemblo: Varsovia 01/05/15
Matt's Half-year Mix: The First 6 Months 06/11/06
Michael Fremer: It's a Vinyl World, After All (DVD) 05/09/09
My Ten Favourite Albums of 2004: (in alphabetical order) 12/26/04
My favourite albums of 2015: Tim's Top Ten 12/25/15
New Year: New Hope for Lifesaving Sound 01/18/03
Noise Pop 2004: 24.-29.02.2004, San Francisco, CA, USA 03/06/04
Noise Pop 2005: San Francisco, CA, Feb. 22.-27.05 03/25/05
Recommended Songs - a January Jukebox 01/30/10
Records for Christmas 12/30/01
Retro-scope round A sum-up: Fourtee years of life 03/15/06
Retro-scope round B sum-up: Thirtee years of life 06/11/06
Retro-scope round C sum-up: Twentee years of life 09/07/06
Retro-scope round D sum-up: Ten years of life 12/05/06
Silence or How being a music fan makes me vibrate 02/06/04
Some Muligatawny to go, yes? 05/04/04
Some Words About Being Tired On The Trail Singing: Something To Talk About 07/24/02
Song Whistler 10/21/02
That Song In My Head 11/30/01
The Best Bands on B - nineteenninetyseven 01/12/98
The Luna K Quiz Show 09/23/10
The Nobel Prize In Literature: Robert Zimmerman 10/16/16
The Tussler 03/24/97
The Year Of The Fireman 01/28/02
The record collector is dead 08/30/04
Tim's 10 Favourite Albums of 2008: Low fat, high groove 12/12/08
Tim's Top Ten Best of 2006: Crème brûlée's of 006 01/03/07
Tim's cabin: The records of the year... 12/15/05
Tim's favourite 10 releases of 2009: a.k.a. The Tim Clarke 10 12/31/09
To Flip or Not to Flip 12/08/03
To your ear the cardboard: headphone records 11/11/00
Tortoise + Because of Ghosts + Via Tania: The Corner, Melbourne, AUS, 21.1.05 01/25/05
Tromsø International Film Festival - part II 02/11/98
Tromsø International Film Festival - part I 02/11/98
V/A: I Want The Beatles To Play At My Art Center! (2xLP) 11/28/12
V/A: I Want the Beatles to Play at My Art Center! (DVD) 11/28/12
Various Artists: 4 Women No Cry - vol. 1 06/22/05
Various Artists: Andy 03/11/09
Various Artists: Artist's Choice: Grandaddy - Below the Radio 01/25/05
Various Artists: Beck - Song Reader 08/10/14
Various Artists: Dark Was The Night 03/11/09
Various Artists: Eat Your Friends - A Hidden Shoal Compilation 12/14/16
Various Artists: Eclectica Vol. 2 01/07/04
Various Artists: Electrickery 11/09/03
Various Artists: From Ulver's songbook at Childhood's End 07/03/12
Various Artists: Future Vintage: Covers of the Apples in Stereo 04/28/10
Various Artists: Insane 80s [EV01>EV10] 07/02/15
Various Artists: International Music: Sony Music Around The World 12/22/99
Various Artists: Long Range Transmissions 12/25/15
Various Artists: Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell 11/06/14
Various Artists: Mountains of Tongues: Musical Dialects of the Caucasus 01/05/15
Various Artists: My favourite albums of 2015; Tim's Top Ten 12/25/15
Various Artists: The Latin American journey 12/30/01
Various artists: Twisted Cabaret vol 1 08/24/10
Various: Singles Of The Year - 2003 12/08/03
Velvet Undergound: The Velvet Undergound 03/11/09
Where'd You Find That? 04/24/05
Why Xmas? Whose birthday is it actually?: Lemmy be your leader... 12/24/07
Womadelaide: 6-9 March 2009, Adelaide Botanic Park 03/11/09
Xiu Xiu + Because of Ghosts: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, 21.4.06 05/13/06
coulda shoulda 11/01/01
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