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coverpic flag Mare Smythii - Full Moon 171 - 08/24/10

Various artists
Twisted Cabaret vol 1
Volvox Music

What is a twisted cabaret anyway? A modern version of Weimar cabaret with added weirdness it seems. This lavish compilation includes all sorts of strange bands and has a dvd of videos also. The inimitable falsetto styling's of The Tiger Lillies rubs shoulders with the groundbreaking Baby Dee and a Dresden Dolls oddity. Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley's side project Evelyn Evelyn donate a charming ragtime ditty and Japanese cuties Kokusyoku Sumire have a delightfully strange song to offer.

Puppini sister Marcella leads the great Marcella and the Forget me Nots with the anti plastic surgery rant "What gave you done to your face?". The Legendary The Residents and a fragile The Real Tuesday Weld track add to a motley collection of dark thrills. It all meshes together well and might be the best compilation I've heard all year.

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