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coverpic flag Mare Smythii - Full Moon 119 - 06/11/06

Matt's Half-year Mix
The First 6 Months
From New Style Records & Music Box Studios

01 B. Fleischmann "Gain"
02 B. Fleischmann "First Times"
03 Jel "No Solution"
04 Clearlake "It's Getting Light Outside"
05 Karl Blau "Into the Nada"
06 Mogwai "Travel is Dangerous"
07 Ms. John Soda "Outlined View"
08 Ms. John Soda "Sometimes Stop, Sometimes Go"
09 Static "Return of She"
10 Halloween, Alaska "Drowned"
11 J Dilla, Jay Dee "Workinonit"
12 J Dilla, Jay Dee "Stop"
13 J Dilla, Jay Dee "Time: The Donuts of the Heart"
14 Ellen Allien & Apparat "Way Out"
15 Ellen Allien & Apparat "Jet"
16 Cat Power "The Greatest"
17 Static "Never Never"

01 Miwon "Semafora"
02 Miwon "Brother Mole"
03 Slowdive "Celia's Dream"
04 Slowdive "Catch the Breeze"
05 Slowdive "Ballad of Sister Sue"
06 Band of Horses "The First Song"
07 Band of Horses "Wicked Gil"
08 Anna Oxygen "March of Human"
09 Anna Oxygen "Hypertention"
10 Mates of State "Think Long"
11 Mates of State "Fraud in the 80s"
12 Eugene Ward "The Depth"
13 Human Pippi Armstrong "Nightlights, Nebraska"
14 Richard Fronteer "Bad Cow/Good Cow"
15 Mystic Condor "I'm Trying to Think"
16 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone "Nashville Parthenon"
17 Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice "Don't Love the Liar"
18 Chihei Hatakeyama "Swaying Curtain in the Window"
(Richard Fronteer and Mystic Condor are available from user 'I Love Luna-Kafe' on Soulseek. Eugene Ward and Human Pippi Armstrong are available on Myspace)

01 Aceyalone and Rjd2 "Supahero"
02 Bibio "Snowbow"
03 Devics "A Secret Message to You"
04 Grandaddy "What Happened?"
05 Built to Spill "Goin' Against your Mind"
06 Elvis Costello Jazz 07 Ghostface Killah "The Return of Clyde Smith"
08 Ghostface Killah "Shakey Dog"
09 Ghostface Killah "Bad Mouth Kid"
10 Ghostface Killah "Whip you with a Strap"
11 Ghostface Killah "Back Like That"
12 I'm Not a Gun "Continuous Sky"
13 Miwon "No Need for Sanity (remix)"
14 Miwon "Pale Glitter"
15 Keith Fullerton Whitman "Stereo Music for Farfisa Compact Duo Delux & Drum Kit"
16 Stereolab "Get a Shot of the Refrigerator"
17 Electric President "Good Morning, Hypocrite"
18 Electric President "Insomnia"
('Elvis Costello Jazz' is available from I Love Luna-Kafe)

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