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coverpic flag Italy - Full Moon 223 - 11/06/14

Elisa Luu
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Some weeks ago Hidden Shoal shared Elisa Luu's brand new single, which is a taster lifted from her upcoming EP/mini-album, Enchanting Gaze. The EP is already out here, released through La bel net-label in collaboration with Hidden Shoal. We'll get back to it next moonth.

Elisa Luu (or Elisabetta Luciani) is based in Roma (or Rome) and she sneaks out electronic, ambient music which catch you in its web. Her musical compositions are highly attractive, and so is this new single, "Shebeen". It starts quietly, before its chant and power turns upwards. It is a swirling, twisting song, whih is indeed gripping and captivating. As well as it keeps the necessary mystery within itself. I am really looking forward to checking out Enchanting Gaze. While you are at it you'd better check out Luu's album from two years ago, Un Giorno Sospeso as well.

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