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Elisa Luu
Un Giorno Sospeso
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I did just return from Italy today, from a boiling hot Bologna (40 degrees Celsius is hard to handle for a pale and 'frost ridden' Scandinavian). The Italians boiled over as well, when they defeated Germany in the Euro2012 tournament's semi-final on Thursday night. Well, tonight (as I'm writing this, Sunday July 1st) Spain slashed Italy's dreams, and I'm back home. It is raining (splashing, pouring!), it is rather cold (at least compared to Italy), but the chilling music of Elisa Luu is very, very comforting and warming.

Elisa Luu's second album (following 2009's debut, Chromatic Sigh) is a glorious ride through Luuland. The single "Se fosse per me..." is simply gorgeous and genius, and a great starter (as a single, that is, not the first track of the album). Elisa Luu (a.k.a. Elisabetta Luciani) is a Roma based composer / musician (originally a saxophone player, later to pick up the flute and the guitar). Luu has been involved in many music projects over the years. She has moved freely from fusion to jazz, for now to end up within the free & loose 'freestyle ambient/electronica' bag. She is also the co-founder of Italian net label La Bèl, which is offering free electroacoustic music (including her own EP The Time Of Waiting).

Un Giorno Sospeso holds 8 tracks, and there are few - if none - weak points to find. "Se fosse..." is already praised. "Tok" is another splendid track, so lusciously intense and magically magnificent. "Qui" follows, and again Luu shows extremely good skills when it comes to colouring her canvases with a broad and indeed creative brush. "Il tempo di capire" is more of a rhythmic piece; thrilling and fascinating with its dazed melody and beat. The closing "Noi" is a great last take-off, like it's being the soundtrack to a slow flight through mid-air. Imagine something between Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Radiohead, and Sigur Rós.

Un Giorno Sospeso is the warmest sound of ambient music you'll hear this year. I dare you to check it out.

Un Giorno Sospeso has its official release on July 6th, but has been digitally available sine June 7th.

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