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Elisa Luu
The Garden
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Elisa Luu (Elisabetta Luciani) is a jazz musician from Roma who's found a new path in the world of electronica. "The Garden" is lifted from her forthcoming debut album, Chromatic Sigh.

Elisa Luu's an saxophone player who's been involved with a number of various jazz (or related) projects, before converting to compose electronic music, using saxophone flute, and guitar. Last year, tasteful UK label Phantom Channel put out her debut EP, Floating Sounds (to rave reviews), and here's a foretaste taken from her full album out 10th September. "The Garden" might be a digital botanical garden, with a broad spectre of scents and colours. During the 5 minute track, a lot of artificial flowers and plants have had their time to grow. Hidden Shoal underlines he warmth of Elisa Luu's compositions, which is to the point. HS also states she's showing: "...vulnerability and sensitivity that is rarely found in the male dominated sphere of electronica...". Quite correct. It's indeed a male playground. "The Garden" is a swirling, melodic (and rhythmic) piece leaving the right urge for more.

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