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Elisa Luu
Se fosse per me
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Se fosse per me" is the new single song by the Italian ambient electronica artist Elisa Luu, and the first taster off her forthcoming (and second) album, Un giorno sospeso. "Se fosse per me" translates into 'If I had my', which is kind of an open title, to be read or interpreted in any direction. Open minded, one might say. Or, a mind opener. Choose for yourself.

When hearing Elisa Luu's music again, it strikes me that it's been a long time since last time. She put out her debut album Chromatic Sigh nearly 3 years ago, after releasing the Floating Sounds EP the year before. Luu creates spellbinding compositions; this time a warm whirlwind melody with suggestive lazy-beat rhythms, topped with a delicate garnish, and glazed with precise instrumentation. An indeed fine blend of analogue-digital. She's one of a few female electronica artist competing the entire male armadas of the genre. Elisa Luu's sure got some Midas touch. She's a Queen Midas. To quote Hidden Shoal: "If you need a starting point think Boards of Canada meets Efterklang then erase that thought and listen." That's a good start: erase all your latest thoughts, and simply listen.

The new album, Un giorno sospeso, was released a few days ago, on June 1st. I'll check it out in a second!

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