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flag US, Massachusetts
Capital: Boston
Population: 6,041,000
- Republicans: 1,067,163
- Democrats: 1,793,916
Bird: Chickadee
Flower: Mayflower
Motto: By the sword we seek peace,
  but peace only under liberty
Nickname: Bay State
Tree: American Elm
Source: 50 States & Capitals / CNN
CourseFull Moon
Aerosmith: Rocks 06/11/06
Amber Spyglass: Accelerating Parcae 11/26/04
Amber Spyglass: Breathing in Essence 09/30/12
Amun Ra: Bloom 08/30/04
Books: Lost and Safe 03/25/05
Buffalo Tom: The Astoria 2, London, November 5th 1999 11/23/99
Casey Desmond: No Disguise 11/24/07
Chris Brokaw: An interview with... 12/26/04
Chris Brokaw: The Codeine story 05/06/12
Damon & Naomi (on tour with Michio Kurihara): Song to the Siren: Live in San Sebastian 08/22/02
Damon & Naomi (with Ghost): EKKO, Utrecht, Holland, 24.05.01 06/06/01
Damon & Naomi: Spirit of Love (B-sides, bonuses, and soundtracks) 01/12/17
Damon & Naomi: The Earth is Blue 07/21/05
Damon & Naomi: a wondrous talk with... 06/06/01
Damon & Naomi: another interview with... 05/26/02
Damon & Naomi: Live in Hamburg, November 2nd 1998 12/03/98
Damon and Naomi: Playback Singers 04/12/98
Dane Cook: Retaliation 10/18/05
December Sound: The December Sound 11/26/04
Dinosaur Jr.: Beyond 06/01/07
Dinosaur Jr.: Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not 08/18/16
Dinosaur Jr.: Melbourne Forum, Melbourne, AU, 12.7.07 07/30/07
Dresden Dolls: Yes Virginia 05/13/06
Edan: Beauty and the Beat 05/23/05
Emergency Music: Kiss The Culprit 12/26/04
Eric Gaffney: Uncharted Waters 12/05/06
Eric Gaffney: an interview with... 02/02/07
Evan Dando: AB Club, Brussels, Belgium, 20.12.2000 01/09/01
Folk Implosion: Dare To Be Surprised 06/20/97
Frank Black: an interview with the man in black 03/09/01
Galaxie 500 Way Up High 02/22/97
Gene Dante and the Future Starlets: The Romantic Lead 02/28/10
Glass Set: Something Unknown 06/30/07
Greg Panfile & Talk & Roll: Inferno 09/02/01
Incus: The Burning Thread 07/02/04
J Mascis: Every Morning 09/09/14
J Mascis: Parkteatret, Oslo, December 18th 2014 01/05/15
J Mascis: Several Shades of Why 03/19/11
J Mascis: Tied to a Star 10/08/14
Juliana Hatfield: Boston phone call: an interview with... 09/13/00
Kickbacks: Even The Blues 07/07/09
Leah Callahan: Even Sleepers 02/06/04
Lenelle Moïse: The Expatriate Amplification Project 02/18/11
Lou Barlow: Apocalypse Fetish 12/14/16
Lou Barlow: Brace The Wave 09/28/15
Lou Barlow: Emoh 05/23/05
Lynn Jolicoeur and the Pulse: World Behind Your Eyes 01/16/14
Mark Mandeville: No Big Plans 03/19/11
Mary Lou Lord: an interview in New York City 05/30/99
Mason Daring interview 06/10/98
Meaghan McLaughlin: More Stories for Dana 05/04/04
Melissa Ferrick: Goodbye Youth 03/11/09
Perceptionists: Black Dialogue 04/24/05
Pernice Brothers: - a conversation with Joe Pernice 09/02/01
Pernice Brothers: Yours, Mine and Ours 11/09/03
Pixies: Death To The Pixies 11/14/97
Pixies: Head Carrier 11/14/16
Pixies: Hollywood Holidays - The Classic 1991 Radio Broadcast 08/21/13
Pixies: Indie Cindy 05/14/14
Pixies: Pixies 07/24/02
Pixies: The Complete B Sides 03/09/01
Point of Ares: The Sorrows of Young Apollo 03/31/99
Raianne Richards: Simple In This Place 02/18/11
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion: Kult & Genuss, Mönchengladbach, Germany, April 24, 2014 05/14/14
Sarah Rabdau: Benevolent Apollo 03/06/04
Sebadoh: Defend Yourself 09/19/13
Soltero: Hell Train 04/13/06
Stone Coyotes: VIII 05/09/09
Tanya Donelly: ULU, London, UK, 28.02.2002 03/28/02
Thalia Zedek: Feeling grateful : an interview with... 02/15/14
Various Artists: Sky So Grey - A Boston Dark Music Compilation 07/07/09
Varsity Drag: Middle-aged and proud of it - Ben Deily returns 09/07/06
Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys: Casualty Menagerie 11/13/08
Willard Grant Conspiracy: a short conversation with Robert Fisher 09/25/99
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