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Lenelle Moïse
The Expatriate Amplification Project
Lenelle Moïse

Lenelle Moïse makes music using unusual instruments and loop machines, creating an organic whole that should get her attention.

"Motherland" sees her and Karla Mosley muse on the concept of home and justice, using vocal prowess few can match. "The Makings" sees Mosley ponder about being a diva and the price it demands. It's a playful track on a dark subject. "Baby Powder" is about drugs, and is both socially conscious and rhythmic whit it. "Rebel" wonders why the good want to die young, with empathy and insightful poise. Moïse recalls French singer Camille and spoken word artist Dana Bryant at various points during this album, but mostly she's her own woman. With Mosley's angelic support she can do almost anything.

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