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flag France - Full Moon 77 - 01/18/03

Za Zen productions

Teradelie's music is techno-ish in nature, but it's hardly for dancing. She uses her native french and english and winds up sounding like an updated Laurie Anderson. Her music is chill-out with brains and a heart. Vocally Teradelie is a real powerhouse. "Au moulin de tes reves" is a piece done in a naivistic style. "Tigres de papier" has a sensual vocal set to a dreamy backing. The song has an exotic feel and words of Tarzan and Jane.

"Tous ces petits mots" is a relaxed song with an inspired piano break. "Facteur X Cosmonogie" has an ambient feel and a lovely vocal. Za Zen clocks in at over an hour and despite the high quality of the songs I think being a little shorter wouldn't have hurt it. It's worth a listen anyhow since it's so good.

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