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Teradélie's previous album was an intriguing experiment in sound, and her new one continues the journey. She's clearly an artist with a unique vision even if I'm reminded of Laurie Anderson and Kate Bush at times. The celestial glide of "Nocturnal Expectations" is a great song. Teradélie sings calmly to a weird-sounding assortment of instruments.

Sounds like running horses crop up in the mix. "Un Hiver Bleu" is a sweet-sounding ballad. It's sort of like a David Sylvian exercise in heartbreak. The album's divided into two halves, just like they used to in the bygone vinyl era. The Clair-Obscur suite encompasses the latter half of the record. The songs bleed into each other nicely and create a whole. "Big City" is pretty odd sounding. I'm reminded of Annette Peacock in her artful expansiveness. That's not a reference I get to make often.

This is an adventurous and bold record that demands repeated listening.

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