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flag France - Full Moon 121 - 08/09/06

1st Mix AEO + Intro Plume

1st Mix AEO

coverpicThis is a rough mix from the forthcoming album that I wish to tease you all with. Beautiful guitar samples, these arpeggios that just melt you, they melt you and then take you back in time a millino years to these distant memories. Teradélie's voice comes in then, enveloped in such wonderful strings, you feel like you're moving through great forests. All is green and clean, this is a memory from those times when things were clean. If for a moment, she let's you escape this modern hell we've created.

Intro Plume

coverpicThis is the introduction to a new play that Ms. Teradélie has been working on. Quite extraordinary musique concrete, the sounds of birds and odd throat sounds and distant voices. Strings that wrap around you like a blanket. Tough sounds too though: someone striking a bell really hard. Then a funny sound of snorring. Quite a surreal type of sound. Message that good Teradélie on her myspace to find out more about this wonderful musical play. I'd say no matter where you are in Europe it would be worth your troubles to take a trip to see it.

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