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Tangled Star
That Time EP
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Yet another EP by Tangled Star. This time a 4 song EP entitled That Time. Presenting more of Tangled Star's sympathetic mixture of mid-tempo, mellow indie pop/rock with a slight, slight touch of alt country/Americana.

I was a bit taken by their mini-album Our Man in Eden Hill, including the great "tosleepingpeople". That Time EP is more of the same. Quality songs. Solid material. In fact, music for bigger masses, without being too mainstream. Just catchy and accessible pop songs. The smashing (single) song this time is "seabirdtown", a mini-epic pop song, stretching over 6 minutes. A lush and mellow piece of well-balanced rock with the right edge.

The title track is a piano-steered, instrumental ballad, not being all too original, while the opening "I had something good in my life and I didn't want to lose it" sounds very Australian, despite its country tint. Aussie country. Outback mountain? "Pictures of Lefty" continue the alt country path, with some nice guitars, without being mind-blowing or exceptionally innovative stuff.

A solid little record by Tangled Star. Not bull's eye, but "seabirdtown" is ace.

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