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Tangled Star
Our Man in Eden Hill EP
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Two moonths ago I was slightly amazed by Tangled Star's single guiding this EP, "tosleepingpeople". A great song it is. Here's a handful of other songs as well. Some more stellar stuff?

This Our Man in Eden Hill EP (a 25-minute mini-album) holds 4 songs in addition to the aforementioned "tosleepingpeople". "The Skaters" is more of the slow and lazy pop-rock which seems to be the lane Craig Hallsworth and his Tangled Star are going, but it's not as immediate as the single was/is. "The Skaters" almost floats over into next track, "Sunny Day Losers # 12 & 35". It's got this real laidback attitude. "Turn Me" is more of the dazed, chill-back feeling, and it has got this Go-Betweens 'touch'. The closing "The Waiter is Deceased" is nearly 11 minutes long, and maybe too long (with too many themes). But, by all means, this is pleasing, soothing stuff.

As I said after hearing "tosleepingpeople": "...melodic and melancholic slow pop. Imagine Magnetic Fields mixed with the Go-Betweens, with a dash of vintage Flying Nun kiwi pop thrown in (f.i. Sneaky Feelings, Straightjacket Fits)." You can still quote me on that.

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