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Tangled Star
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Tangled Star are a threesome led by Craig Hallsworth - plus a drum machine (a replacement when the drummer left). Not the best news for a drummer to hear... but, never mind, I can live with that. Simply because "tosleepingpeople" is a lovely pop song.

Their first EP for Hidden Shoal Recordings, the 6-song mini It's Now or Later (2006), was well received. It's easy to understand that by hearing this new single - if it had anything as good as this one. Tangled Star play melodic and melancholic slow pop. Imagine Magnetic Fields mixed with the Go-Betweens, with a dash of vintage Flying Nun kiwi pop thrown in (f.i. Sneaky Feelings, Straightjacket Fits).

"tosleepingpeople" is taken from a forthcoming EP due out in the first quarter of 2008. Looking forward to hear it.

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