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The Slow Beings
We Know Why The Earth Moves
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Last moonth I raved about The Slow Beings' single choice from this album, "I Waste The Sea". The life-weary Nirvana-pop turns into something else by... someone else (f.i. The Smiths, Blur, Sneaky Feelings, Straitjacket Fits, Augie March). We Know Why The Earth Moves's opening track still is a nice song, but is now stretched out into a 6-minute-piece - twice its single edit length. It's a cool opener.

The Slow Beings wander the landscapes of neighbouring islands New Zealand when is comes to musical reminiscence, as in the Kiwi pop scene launched by the Flying Nun label throughout a good two decades. The cheese loving foursome are: Craig Hallsworth (guitar, vox), Liam Coffey (bass, vox), Hugh Veldon (drums) and Lorne Clements (piano, hammond organ), with Craig and Liam as the song writing couple. The Slow Beings have their background in other Perth bands: The Bamboos, The Rainyard, The Healers, Outstation and Header, but also from the present Tangled Star (Craig's project, with Lorne on the keys). The neatly titled We Know Why The Earth Moves holds 10 songs of sparkling indie pop/rock. Magnificent and grand, yet down to earth in sound and attitude. A fine combination of tip-toe and slack.

Besides the aforementioned single - which is, btw, the album's roughest moment - I'd say "Yoshkar-ola Song", "People Leave Heaven", "Carson Dyle", "The Happy Few" and the title track are among many fine moments from a strong debut.

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