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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 143 - 05/20/08

The Slow Beings
I Waste The Sea
Hidden Shoal Recordings

The Slow Beings and their "I Waste The Sea" is maybe the toughest music I've heard from the Hidden Shoal label so far. It's a taster from the forthcoming album We Know Why The Earth Moves - in fact it's out today! Check us out next moonth for a full review.

In "I Waste The Sea"'s rear window there's both grunge (Nirvana) and brit-pop (Blur), and maybe also traces from New Zealand's 1980s Kiwi pop scene. It's a powerful song with a nice pop hook (in fact a Nirvana-Blur blend is obvious reference). It's short and efficient 3-minute no-nonsense slow power-pop song, and it makes me excited to hear what's to come. As I said, next time around.

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