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Strand of Oaks
Radio Kids
Dead Oceans

Strand of Oaks (a.k.a. Tim Showalter) is back with his fifth album, Hard Love in mid February and here's the first taster off the album, the radio friendly "Radio Kids".

Showalter's HEAL was one of my favourite records from 2014. After hearing this single, I guess the new album could be another fine, pop-drenched platter with melodic rock and catchy riffs. Showalter's got wind in the hair as he punches out this big-sounding, energetic song. J. Mascis guested his last album, on the super catchy "Goschen 97", where Showalter let his nostalgia flow and float. "Radio Kids" seems like another of those warm nostalgia flashbacks of Showalter's, making his ambitious rock music sound indeed appealing and charming. Yes, he's almost over the top in guitar hero posing, but, well, so what - I like it. "Radio Kids" takes Showalter back to the school days of (probably at times) a miserable life (unhappy love, etc.) and the comfort of rock music.

'I got my headphones on
And my parents will never know
It's something that we had before we lost control
On the radio
On the radio
Play it on the radio
Play it on the radio
Play it...'

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