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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 248 - 11/14/16

Haakon Ellingsen
September, September
Thermo Records

While visiting "Tannsjødager" in our September menu, we announced that the new album by Haakon Vi Varmer Oss Nå (We're Getting Warm Now) was to be released in October or November. Now we've reached November and the album has been postponed until February or March. Instead we're presented with the third single from the forthcoming album, about losing your loved one, your joy, maybe even your wits, during September. Haakon sings and sounds weaker and bleaker than ever in the beginning of the song, with discreet synths, carful acoustic guitar and flute in the background. The song gains a bit strength when female wordless vocals and piano are added to a familiar Haakon melodic line before the song eventually fizzles out. Mellow, melancholic, beautiful. How long can a love affair last?

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