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perth / GUM
Drank and Kites and Tomorrow (GUM remix)
Hidden Shoal Recordings

perth's magnificent song "Drank and Kites and Tomorrow" has now been juggled by GUM, a.k.a. multi-instrumentalist and psychedelic rock musician/singer/songwriter Jay Watson (of Tame Impala and Pond). Here's the song revisited, and remixed.

"Drank and Kites..." was to be found on pert's second album, What's Your Utopia?. This remix verison is lifted from the forthcoming remix album, Where's My Dystopia? (due May 1st 2014), which will feature remixes of tracks from, you guessed it: ...Utopia?, done by Mei Saraswati, Seams, No. 9, Usurper of Modern Medicine, Valerio Cosi and others. GUM's remixed re-working takes the perth original (according to Hidden Shoal) "...further into a Spiritualized-esque drone-pop beauty." This leaves a more highflying, slow-floating, neo-sikedelic song. It's a more dazed version, but I prefer perth's original over this, even though Gum's take is sort of cool. But, yet, it's not lifting the track to another, higher level.

PS! Watson (as Gum) has announced that his debut album, Delorean Highway, will be released in early 2014. The album is promoted as a collection of "paranoid pop songs" that are "...mostly about falling in love and all of the things that he thinks are going to kill him." Must be worth checking out, I guess.

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