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Drank and Kites and Tomorrow
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Drank and Kites and Tomorrow" was the first single to promote perth's new (and second) album, What's Your Utopia?. Even though the album's already been launched, and a second single ("Greasy Moon") has been lifted from the record as well, I stick to my plan checking this track first. I'll come back to the album next moonth. Promise.

According to Hidden Shoal the Australian 'experimental popsters' perth (with a lower case 'p') roam the plains where you'll find Neu! and Caribou. Which means dreamy pop with a hint of the psychedelic colours and sounds, gliding into krautrockish stretches. The Caribou comparison is obvious, I think, but we are not talking copycats here. perth is a shoegaze-pop-outfit, reverbed vocals and all, and with "Drank and Kites and Tomorrow" they present a majestic and exciting tune. One might throw in Spiritualized and The Boo Radleys (imagine the both of them from their earlier days/years) as references as well. "Drank and Kites and Tomorrow" is a fine taster - it hovers, it flutters, it is light-footed and gentle - and I am eager to enter further into the world of perth. The sound of perth.

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