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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 215 - 03/16/14

Jacob Faurholt

Jacob Faurholt follows his stunning album Dark Hours with a strong new album. The opening title track has a dark edge and a fuzzy guitar that works for it. "I'll take my pill and swallow" he intones bleakly. "A Horse's Head" is a calm song with an edge and a reference to The Godfather that's nicely evoked. It's a poppy treat of a song nonetheless.

"Sing and Swing" is rather sweet, and has a delicate backing that suits the affecting vocal well. Faurholt is good at this kind of music. "SH" closes the album on a good note, a soft song with a barbed vocal that recalls Velvet Underground's gorgeous third album. It's another quiet triumph for Faurholt. May he deliver many more.

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