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coverpic flag Denmark - Full Moon 161 - 11/02/09

Jacob Faurholt
Are You In The Mood For Love?
Slow Shark Records/VME

Jacob Faurholt might seem like a regular guy accompanied by a guitar singing forlornly of lost love, but he makes richer and stranger music than that. His vocal is slightly edgy for one thing and there's a pleasingly dark strain running through these songs.

"A Fish in a Bowl" has a Nick Cave feel to it even as the singer sings of loneliness. "Let's Build a House on this Ground" is quieter but no less intriguing. "Rusty Country Cage" is rough and has more Cave echoes; it's thrilling and deep. Faurholt's vocal is guarded and Kristian Westergård's guitar backs him up well. He plays some dissonant chords nicely.

"Irish I am not" is pretty clever and sees the singer at his acidic best. It works just as well as the rest of the album does.

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