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[The] Caseworker
Letters From The Coast
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Letters From The Coast is the third album from the garage dream-pop trio [The] Caseworker, at the moment located in Perth, Australia; Lausanne, Switzerland; Petaluma, USA; Clifton-upon-Teme, UK. The album was recorded by Monte Vallier in San Francisco.

Letters From The Coast opens with the single "National Runner" which sets the pace for this pleasantly dazed pop-droning album. The tunes are enveloped in an almost romantic guitar-driven shoe gazing mist, that take diversions into post-grunge territory. Especially on the centrepiece "Holy Mothers", which also is one of the more outstanding tracks, along with "Boats" and the sweet dream-pop of "Sea Years", where bassist Eimer Devlin assumes lead vocal. Elsewhere the vocals mostly is well done by guitarist Conor Devlin.

"Well done", also summarize Letters From The Coast. It is a fine album. Not exceptional in any way, just very nice emotive dream-pop. And sometimes that is good enough.

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