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[The] Caseworker
National Runner
Hidden Shoal Recordings

The garage dream-pop trio [The] Caseworker are Conor Devlin (vocals, guitars), Eimer Devlin, (vocals, bass) and Will Waghorn (drums). They were formerly based in San Francisco, were the single "National Runner", and the rest of the forthcoming third album Letters From The Coast is recorded. But their location now is as wide spread as Lausanne in Switzerland, Clifton-upon-Teme in UK and Petaluma, USA.

"National Runner" is a dazzling, running-shoes-gazing drone-pop-tune. It is made as an ode to the Ethiopian Olympic long distance runner Miruts Yifter. And knowing that adds more layer to the slow, but insistent guitars and the pant-paced drums, and the nicely under-breathed vocals in the chorus.

This single is supposed to be the opener of the album; and I sure do think that if Letters From The Coast keeps it up with a start like this, it's going to be an album very worth listening to.

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