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Colour Kane
Mild to Wild
Fade the World

Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins produced Colour Kane's debut and that was a good sign of what the music sounded like. This time the sound is equally blessed out and then some.

"A Wasteland Tale" features spiraling guitars and a truly haunting melody topped off with a delicious vocal. "Flower Hopping Popping Madly" (what a Cocteau-like title!) spins its blessed out reverie amid Marjan Snyker's dreamy uttering's. Maybe there are words that she's singing but they are hardly audible. "Papillion" continues the flow of slow, dreamy songs with gloriously gorgeous tunes.

The closer "That Train of Keepsake and Glory" is a fitting end to an album that's as strong as their fine debut. The trio manages a sweet album to cherish.

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