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Colour Kane
A taste of
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Colour Kane prove that dreampop is alive and well on their debut album. The bands singer Marjan Snykers has a delightful voice and they've written some exceptional songs.

"This" is a blissful reverie and the singers voice is at its best. "A Kiss In A Lowland's Meadow" lives up to its Cocteau Twins-like title by being a soft hush of cascading guitars, but Snykers is a more restrained singer than Liz Fraser. "Share My Ease" is a heavenly concoction, Snykers voice set against a bed of spiraling guitars. It's one of the album's highlights.

The collaboration with the Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie, "Seaside Dream" is a superlative effort that brings out the best in the band. A stellar debut all told.

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