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Toby Richardson
The Stones And The Rabbits
Hidden Shoal Recordings

I really enjoyed "King Of All The Moves" off this new EP when I streamed it last moonth, and here's the whole 5-song EP, The Stones And The Rabbits.

'Lo-fi rock magician' Richardson for sure create nice moments with his rough and catchy style. Swell pop-rock, glazed with delightful fuzz and, as Hidden Shoal nicely puts it, 'just-rolled-out-of-bed vocals'. Richardson glares back to the 1970s, but also blends his music with 80s/90s (and further) rock (like Pavement meets Dinisaur Jr. meets Thin White Rope). Highlights from the EP: the title track, "Wrong Highway Road", plus of course the king itself; "King Of All The Moves". Toby Richardson is the King of charmingly scruffy rock moves.

Thanks for a joyful Xmas present, Toby!

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