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Toby Richardson
King Of All The Moves
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"King Of All The Moves" is a new single from Australian Toby Richardson, said to be a 'lo-fi rock magician'. Some 2 1/2 years ago I checked out his Evergreen album, and found it to be quite charming. Here's a song lifted from a new 5 song EP, The Stones and the Rabbits (due 2nd December). The description by the label certainly drew my attention: 'like a garage band falling endlessly down a cartoon staircase'. This must be good!

And it is. "King Of All The Moves" for sure rocks and rolls, twists and turns. And leaves you with a happy glee. Hidden Shoal states further in the press sheet: 'The track pays homage to dirty rock while turning it inside out and painting it with jelly'. Nice. Toby Richardson seems (sounds) to be a very cool and decent man, with a certain pop sense in his ears (tinnitus or not). "King..." is very catchy, very danceable (or hopable), all in all very likeable from start to finish. In a way it reminds me of a strange (but comforting) blend of The Stranglers and Guided By Voices.

Looking forward to the rest of the EP, Toby.

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