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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 154 - 04/09/09

Fiona Joy Hawkins
Blue Dream
Little Hartley Music

Fiona Joy Hawkins records piano-centric mostly instrumental music and does so well. This new effort sees her reach new heights of the imagination.

"From the Outside" is a calm, meditative piece where the piano really gets a chance to shine. Hawkins' skill is apparent. "Blue Dream" is just as tranquil and has an unforgettable melody for Hawkins to work her magic on. "Contemplating" features the great singer Luka Bloom and he provides beautiful vocals. He barely raises his voice but still makes a strong impression. "Song Phonique" features vocals by Heather Rankin and she blends in well with the great tune. The whole album works well as a long suite of contemplative complex music. It makes for a good listen.

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