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If this month's gold star goes to Graham Sutton for Codename: Dustsucker, the awesome new album by Bark Psychosis, then the wooden spoon for notable loon has got to go to Jason Mullinax, AKA Pilesar.

A kind of warped antidote to most of the over-earnest indie rock that tends to dominate the airwaves - hello Keane, yawn - Pilesar is disposable, playful, intermittently brilliant nonsense, conjured on a four-track using a bunch of cheap instruments.

Take "Umbrella". It's like Magnetic Fields on speed, and it's about going out in the rain without an umbrella and getting wet. Or "Spiritual Fruit, Religious Nuts", with its recording of some over-zealous preacher or other, set against a swirling ambient backdrop.

There are 25 tracks on this demo CD, and despite the fact that it's a bit hit and miss, I had great fun. As soon as I've managed to buy myself a new computer I'll go straight to dirtcheap to listen to his new EP, No Good For Eyeballs.

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