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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 98 - 09/28/04

The Konki Duet
Il Fait Tout Gris
Active Suspension

Despite the name there are three women in the Konki Duet; Zoé, Kumi and Tamara. It's delicate yet strong debut with Kumi singing in French, Japanese and English.

"Tu vas partir sans moi" is heartbreakingly lovely with Kumi singing of a breakup to a sweet melody. "Il fait tout gris" is an odd cover of Visage's eighties hit "Fade to grey" done in a beguiling fashion. The sixties French stylings of "On dort mieux quand il pleut" are lovely. "In the Trees" is a naïve story of two girls sharing secrets in the tree.

Its child-like simplicity is really all one needs in a song. The albums inventive approach is made in such an inspired fashion throughout that it becomes a pleasure to hear. Pity it's so short.

This is a striking and original debut.

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