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Becus EP
Wheeler Dealer Records

You gotta love it when artists shine so brightly early in their career and Becus have "faith, time and sound" in spades. Head of the Wheeler Dealer label Steve Wheeler plays bass for likeminded Heligoland (currently recording their next album) and there's that similar sense of impending storm lurking in this EP.

Drummer Travis Hunt certainly makes his presence felt on opener "Everything You Said I'd Do" and coupled with Peter McKeown's rolling bass on "If You Dare" makes for quite an awesome production. Hunt's brand of measured thunder adds drama without overwhelming proceedings. Not all are blessed with Hunt's intuition, assisting the trio in creating a full-bodied sound.

On "Don't Change", Rebecca Howell's frayed n' weary intonation conveys the slow-mo ache at the core of Becus' best work. Sunday morning comedown anthem "Jaded" has them drowning ever so beautifully. The epic, creeping late-night "Drift Away" brings the EP to a close on an expansive note and with these folk at the helm disenchantment never sounded so fine!

The foreboding deep marine is captured in a striking cover snap, complementing the sounds offered over six tracks. It may be a little earnest in parts, but this is easily forgiven as the release comes very early in the band's existence. Sounds are bound to arrive more naturally as they evolve. In the meantime, taste and dynamics galore in an impressive debut EP - they join other esteemed local soundscapers in mining a dark vein of graceful melancholy.

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