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The Harlequin
self-released, Alethia Music

The Harlequin is made up of two brothers Isaac and Thorry Koren and some more folks. Isaac's lead vocals have more than a little in common with Jeff Buckley and the band play skyscraping, atmospheric rock.

"Walls" recalls British bands like Coldplay and Keane, but cuts deeper and has a stronger emotional impact on this listener at least. "Meantime" is a finely wrought and piano-led song with progressive leanings. "Arise" is sumptuous and strong, Isaac Koren's lead vocal afloat on a wash of guitars.

"Bargeman" uses exotic-sounding instruments and mystic lyrics to get its point across. The romantic strains of "You" are invigorating too.

A starry-eyed and impossibly lovely debut.

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