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Sebastien Tellier
Record Makers

I can hear with other peoples ears. I use my own two floppy ones to listen to music, but I can often hear how the others in the room are hearing it.

I used to loathe Percy Faith. Of course, now I love the stuff and play it always. But when I was young, it really bugged me that when our family ate dinner every night we listened to this horrible stuff. Ray Conniff. Al Martino. Bo - ring.

Somehow, I was able to convince my folks that I was going to start picking out the music for the dinner hour. Out of My records. 1977 records. Like maybe "Exodus" one night with meat loaf. Or I'd throw on "Pigs on the Wing" if pork chops it was.

It was kind of weird that we all liked it whatever it was that was on. I mean these were My records. Hell, I was a young teenager - that wasn't cool. But it was.

I mean, My Mom singing along to "3 Little Birds" was pretty fucking cool, man.

I bet they'd dig Sebastien Tellier too... and that's not a bad thing. Not a bit. La Ritournelle...

Like Montovani with the Eno on.

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