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The Grey Album

It just so happened that Music Law Summit West 2004, presented this year in San Francisco by Hastings School of Law, Future of Music Coaltion and Noise Pop was held the day after what the recording industry is now calling Grey Tuesday. In case you don't have or even know about it - that was the day Dangermouse released - or I should probably really say unleashed (no irony) - his truly wonderful and imaginative amalgamation of Jay-Z's Black Album and The Beatles' White Album.

It's out there. You have it or you've heard it or you're now suspicious or maybe curious and you're gonna go and find it.

Find it. 100s of sites were offering it up for download for free. Some still have it up. You could probably guess where you can find a copy. And it's okay - he wants you to. You want you to. And it's the only place to really get it. Get it? Got it? Good.

The future of music is certain. There's more to be made/had/heard. It's the distributing of the thing that's changing. For the better.

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