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Sissy Wish
You may breathe...
Bauta Recordings/Tuba!

The first thing that struck you when you hear Sissy Wish is the maturity of the material that the 23 year old Siri Wålberg is offering. From opener "Stars" to "The Six Feet Tall" (title track off her debut EP of last year) some three quarters later, we are meeting a songsmith with heaps of good melodies and ideas. The latter was a heavy rotation radio hit last summer, and it sound like half of these are going to end up there too. And with the help of producer H P Gundersen and some of the Bergen studio mob, she has made one of the Norwegian debut albums of the noughties.

My sole objection is that she is reaching too wide and tries to cover too many styles in one album; here's 80's girl pop a la The Go-Gos, the very Motowney "No Company", and when the spaghetti western guitars are bubbling at the end of "Mr. Sullivan", you are relieved that they didn't put a Marriachi trumpet in there too.

Distribution in Norway: Tuba!

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