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Johnny Hollow
Johnny Hollow
Popoff Records

This is not your commonplace band. Johnny Hollow craft a rather strange, dark etheralism in their songs.

The innovative arrangements and intriguing songs make this a rich and weird debut. The whispered vocals of "Halfway to God" makes it very suggestive. The dimly-lit empty ballroom melodrama of "Rasputin" is another peak. Janine White's seductive vocals suit it well.

The traditional "Motherless Child" has found a brand new treatment. "Stolen" is heavy on distortion and waltzes into the land of the remarkable band Rasputina. Kitty Thompson's cello lends it a special twist.

"Dark Thing" is all muted atmospherics and siren voices. The catchiest number "Shock Me Peter" is lovely. Vincent Marcone's voice contrasts well with Janine White's.

Johnny Hollow is a rare thing, a band that dares to dream.

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