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Oaktree Records

Jetliner sound like they want to resurrect some of the better aspects of seventies music. Bright melodies, tight musicianship and a positive disposition for instance. Singer Adam Paskowitz has one of those clear voices that are instantly familiar and pleasing to the ear. The anthemic "You're My Prayer" marries west coast rock to Queen-like melodrama. "Fast as I Can" has a great melody and sees Paskowitz sing his heart out while playing piano like Elton John.

"Rules of Attraction" is a fine song that allows guitarist Jeff Kluesner a chance to shine. The vocal harmonies are heavenly. "Breaking" is another anthem in the making. Everything about it is perfect, from the spiralling guitars to the piano and harmonies.

"These Days" sees Paskowitz singing about doubt and insecurity in such a passionate way that you can't doubt a positive outcome for his song protagonist.

Jetliner has made a great debut.

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