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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 87 - 11/09/03

Caroline Nin
Scarlet Stories
Terrapin/Dandevi Music

Caroline Nin is a cabaret diva to be discovered. This record is done live and you can tell by the warm atmosphere. Nin moves easily from standards like "Lili Marleen" to the Marc Almond number "The One and Only you". She puts her own spin on the material. She is a versatile singer capable of both seductive warmth and steely nonchalance. She imbues "Gay Paree" with a knowing irony and "Amsterdam" with pathos. The minimal accompaniment is daring and suits the material. "Money" from Cabaret becomes a subtle exercise far from the brassy original.

The closing "Love for Sale" is not done live and gives the song a radical reworking. A perfect end to an inspired record.

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