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All India Radio
All India Radio
Inevitable Records/MGM

It's hardly surprising to discover All India Radio have been featured in a substantial list of acclaimed film and TV programs. After several spins of this, their third album release (following their acclaimed 002 and The Inevitable albums) it is obvious Kennedys Martin and Joseph along with Mark Wendt have a firm idea of where their ships' headed.

One listen to the slow-motion majesty of second track "Tijuana Dream" will have folks the world over grasping for superlatives - just sheer beauty. Lending assistance on the album are Ed Kuepper, Ash Naylor (from good quality Melbourne popsters Even) and Kiernan Box (the wonderful Blackeyed Susans and most recently Augie March).

The album drifts endlessly and does on occasions veer dangerously close to new age bookshop music, but manages to conjure images interesting enough to keep the focus. The suspended shimmer captured on "Open Sky Experiment" could be matched perfectly to TV documentary footage of menacing circling piranha in murky forest waters - one example of the mind-travel All India Radio can provide a listener!

Another strong step forward for Martin and Joseph Kennedy, whose Pray TV outfit won widespread acclaim throughout the eighties and nineties. The album is anchored by the deliberate, heavy plod of bass by Mark Wendt. A strong foundation for the array of samples, keyboards and tape loops used to enhance the rich atmospheres that seep through the entire disc.

More 'head journey' rather than 'heart' music, All India Radio will have you visualising vivid scenes you'd never imagined possible. Essential sundayafternoonweightlessness music.

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