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Mary's Child
Mini Lap

Mary's Child coms from France. Ok. From Bordeaux exactly. And when they were young they wanted to be rock stars. So at the age of 14, the four youngsters decided they would not wait but just do it. Only a teenage dream said the parents. 5 years later, they are still here, doing it for real. Their violent noisy pop is inspired as much by Ash and Superchunk as by Pavement or Sonic Youth. This is a point but they have developed their sound and have been FAIR luareate (? - editor's note). Le Fair is a French award for young bands, given every year to the most promising bands. It is also one of the only awards that really focuses on music and good bands. But back to that second mini CD. 6 titles to convince you. A follow up to Tong, produced by Zed Smon (Baby Chaos) starting with the wonderfully happy Genialoide. A kind of meeting between the Cure and Stereolab. That song is great! Flik Flok is more punk pop. Saturated guitars, noisy background and melodies just for you! Great!

Small, the third song, brings things down. Violins and sweet voice, for a little melody. By the time you could get bored by that slow and sad song, they kick back with Sandra Superfuck, back to a faster pace and better noise. Easy Sugar an easy listening remix of their own song! Yes they dared to do it!

Let's face it: Mary's Child are young, just starting their real carreer as a band, still going to school, but they already seducted everybody, and are ready to take the seats of a French Swervedriver! Yes indeed!

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