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coverpic flag Finland - Full Moon 73 - 09/21/02

Beyond Good and Evil
State of Decay

The dynamic rock band Pornorphans have finally arrived at a full album after a few promising early releases. The band are fronted by the irrepressible Jytt who lends them a unique flavour. The rest of the band are also skilled musicians as the album shows. Opting for a hard and varied sound they strike gold at every turn. The techno flavoured "Creeping Beauty" has Jytt sounding downright mischievous, like a naughty angel. "Drift" is slow and brooding and displays a more sensitive side to the band. It has a filmic feel that is very suggestive.

It's followed by the dirty sounding "Filth Master". It has a tainted allure that's impossible to resist. If Marilyn Manson had written anything half as good, I might have liked him better. But he hasn't so it's good Pornorphans exist.

Another great song is the explosive "Shiva". This album reinstores my vaining faith in rock and points to a brilliant future for Pornorphans.

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