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coverpic flag US - New York - Full Moon 71 - 07/24/02

Richard Davies
Kindercore Records

It happened again. You remember last time. And it's summer again too.

I only went to the record store to get a gift certificate for a friend who watched my dog while I was in the mountains last week. Really. I wasn't going to buy anything for little ol' me. I remembered losing my Cardinal album somehow for some reason when I walked in and thought whattheheckmaybetheyhaveithere. Well, they didn't, at least not in the "C"s, and I decided to check under Richard Davies just in case. And there it sat, just looking at me. No, not the Cardinal, but a Davies record I didn't have! Didn't even know existed! I thought Telegraph was the last thing. Except for that demo version of "Amsterdam" in that zine I've forgotten about, I just thought he was taking his time again.

What a lovely surprise.

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